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JANUARY 31, 2020

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Scripts for Screen FEATURE is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your dramatic screenplay fully produced. We are searching for unique voices and compelling original dramatic stories. One of our missions is to support diverse artists who might otherwise not have these opportunities. Our directors will select one unique story that they will direct and produce. We are searching for screenwriters who have written features or short films before, and have a polished feature length script ready to be produced.

Scripts for Screen FEATURE is presented by Maybe…Yes! Productions, inc. and Whole Picture Films. Our program teaches writers how directors transform their screenplay into a shooting script. We believe that writers benefit from learning how production works in order to become better writers. Each application season our program selects one dramatic feature length screenplay to be produced. Your script will be directed by Co-Directors Julie Petrusak and Jermaine Burrowes, who will take the script from pre-production to post-production. 

Our directors are in control of all creative aspects of the film. Writers will receive credits as per WGA guidelines. Whole Picture Films will own the rights of the completed film. Once completed the film will be added to our roster of work and will have opportunities for release and distribution.  

Selected candidates will be invited for Round 2 no later than January 2020
Finalists will be invited to an in person interview 
The winner will be announced in 2020  
Preproduction will begin fall end of 2020

Scripts must be dramatic original screenplays only, NO adaptations. This is a low-budget production, therefore we are looking for scripts that reflect that. Our production will apply for SAG eligibility. 

Our selection process will be divided into three rounds:
Round 1: CV, Bio, Logline, Synopsis 
Round 2: Complete script 
Round 3: In person Interview

What we are looking for:

  • Must be written in English

  • Must be in standard script format

  • Dramatic Scripts Only

  • 80 page minimum 

  • Screenwriters have to be 18+ to apply

  • Application fee $25

  • Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be considered 


What we will provide:

  • Full production of your work

  • Credits as per WGA guidelines 

  • Sit in meetings with the directors during development of the shooting script



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